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🌻 June Resources 🌻

Greetings everyone!

Firstly, we'd like to thank all of you who have engaged with us thus far, in whatever capacity. We are slowly (but surely) establishing a groove as a collective and look forward to growing in and with community❣️

With that said, one of our goals as a collective is to amplify as much information and resources as possible. So if you'd like to boost a resource of any kind, feel free to email us at, and we will gladly share it across our platforms!


Despite being halfway into Pride month, the window of opportunity to learn how to be in community with a variety of folks will always remain open. With that said, our Executive Director, Dani Galvez, would like to share the following video which provides some historical context around the societal conditions that sparked the Stonewall Riots — one of several catalysts of the modern gay-rights movement.


Next, we have a series of discussions on Black Latin American History and Contemporary Topics known as Verano Negro. Led by Dash Harris Machado and Dr. Javier Wallace, the course interrogates the notion of Latinidad as a manifestation of colonialism and white supremacy. Our Archiver and Facilities Director, Samuel Salazar, HIGHLY recommends this course to anyone interested in learning about the construction of nationhood and racial castas (castes) throughout Latin America.


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