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Cultural Exchanges Film Festival


A Free public multicultural festival day of different Filipino cultural arts. Celebrating cultural diversity, indigenous heritage, and native arts and crafts at the Koret Auditorium in San Francisco Main Public Library, downtown San Francisco., this free cultural event is co-hosted by The Cultural Exchanges Coalition, Aeta Tribes Foundation, Atayal Indigenous Bridges, and the San Francisco Main Public Library.

Bringing together and uniting artists and cultural organizations for a day of education, celebration, and storytelling, We invite you all to this free educational community event to witness stories of cultural histories, tribal communities of the Philippines and local Filipino American communities to bring hope and cultural unity in the arts.

The community is invited to this cultural event to see different genres of arts, performing arts and cultural presentations from Filipino American artists, teachers, and advocates through the cultural exchanges festival. Come to experience the various educational approaches and understanding each performer has of living culture. Enjoy performing arts on stage to presentations, speakers, and book fair roundtable stage discussions to enrich cultural storytelling on screen and stage.

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